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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

First mall visit

Last night, we went to the Mall for window shopping with my mom, her friend and my brother. I didn’t buy anything because I am kind of on a “saving mode”. We bought balloons for Amsyar’s birthday this 04/02/2012. Can't believe how time flies and he will be 1 year old already. Need to buy more balloons and door gifts. Winter jackets for baby here is really cheap. I had a hard time finding good and cheap jackets for baby back home. We had to leave early because Amsyar was crying non stop. Only in the car I discovered that both of his eyes were swollen, I fed him mashed potato earlier when we were eating. My brother said that mashed potato has cheese in it.  So that could be the reason for his swollen eyes I could be wrong though. I am still exploring what kind of foods he is allergic to. So Amsyar I am really sorry if I caused you all this pain :(

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