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Friday, February 10, 2012

Amsyar's 1 year old balloon party

Thank you Untie Arfah for this delicious carrot cake

Birthday boy fell asleep

Wake up Amsyar, time to blow the candle
Yum yum


Thursday, February 09, 2012

Eczema please leave my son alone!

Amsyar seems unhappy and scratches all the time. His eczema is bad. I have been going crazy trying to make sure he doesn’t eat anything with milk, and apply steroid cream for eczema. Nothing seems to help with the eczema or his itchiness. I am lost and scared, please someone help. I want to cry.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

1 year old and formula milk

Amsyar has turned 1 year old 5 days ago. It's amazing how time just flew by. I think I deserve a reward for all the hard work and sleepless nights, for puree stained shirt, don’t you think so Mr. Husband?

My pediatrician suggested that I start supplementing Amsyar with fomula milk. I am racked with guilt because the pressure to breastfeed is so strong. Because I really want to work and most daycare doesn’t take frozen breast milk, I then bought Enfalac Hypoallergenic (HA) milk as prescribed by my ped. When Amsyar turned 1 year and 2 days, I introduced him to bottle feed. I dropped about 3-4 drops on his mouth to make the taste familiar. He rejected it on the spot (because HA milk is little bit more bitter than the normal). He was scratching his face 1 minute later due to allergic reaction with his lips swollen. I was panicked. Thank God the swollen only lasts for 10 minutes. He cannot tolerate that milk so I need to switch to different one.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

First mall visit

Last night, we went to the Mall for window shopping with my mom, her friend and my brother. I didn’t buy anything because I am kind of on a “saving mode”. We bought balloons for Amsyar’s birthday this 04/02/2012. Can't believe how time flies and he will be 1 year old already. Need to buy more balloons and door gifts. Winter jackets for baby here is really cheap. I had a hard time finding good and cheap jackets for baby back home. We had to leave early because Amsyar was crying non stop. Only in the car I discovered that both of his eyes were swollen, I fed him mashed potato earlier when we were eating. My brother said that mashed potato has cheese in it.  So that could be the reason for his swollen eyes I could be wrong though. I am still exploring what kind of foods he is allergic to. So Amsyar I am really sorry if I caused you all this pain :(

привет москва!

Today is the sixth day I arrived in Moscow, the weather is freezing. It is snowing lightly right now, the temperature shows -23ºC and the sky is overcast. My baby boy still hasn’t fully recovered from flu and cough, apparently his condition is worst. It kills me to see he is suffering to breath, I did apply some baby vicks to alleviate the blocking nose and gave him medicine but he flu won’t go away. His eczema also becoming more chronic, whole body is full of rashes and he keep on scratching them. I ran out of idea what to do anymore.

I wish I could take all your pain away. I’m really sorry Amsyar :(