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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Moscow here I come, again!

Hmm this blog is full of spider web already...

Just recently, I went to Immigration Department at Putrajaya to renew mine and Amsyar's passport. We are going to visit his Grandparents in Moscow for 3 months. I am really looking forward to it but at the same time I feel miserable leaving my poor husband this long. If I don't go now, when else? I can't apply for 3 months leave if I started working later. My husband will come to fetch us from Moscow in April, he is going to stay there for 1 week. So maybe we can go to St. Petersburg and Helsinsky? Em' sounds interesting....XD

Other than that, why is it so hard to find a proper winter jacket for 1 year old baby? Do you know where can I get one with good price? I bought few through online, but they are just like a 'night sweater' for Malaysia temperature... I want the one that can beat a -10 degree cold climate! 

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