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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Here comes 2012

Photo from Smashing Buzz.com
Wishing you the happiest New Year!! 

New Year resolutions/wishlists:
  1. Love my family even more and make both of my parents happy 
  2. Learn how to sew so I can design my own clothes
  3. Get a less stressful job after Amsyar is one year old 
  4. Learn how to bake
  5. Do something to save the environment by recycling, reusable bag, etc.
  6. Start saving money and focus on necessary items only while shopping - (this going to be the hardest one)
  7. Read more books 
  8. Be less stressed
  9. Find the cures to my husband's loud snoring
  10. Get a Master degree 

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