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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Work or No work?

So I am in dilemma again, I really want to work by next year, when Amsyar is one year old. I have to contribute something to this family, my family financial boat is sinking and I am going to drown. But too many thoughts are in my head right now, like ...
  1. Who wants to look after Amsyar? daycare? nanny? In house maid? 
  2. Is he going to be ok living with another person? 
  3. Can he adapt to new situation? 
  4. Where can I find a good daycare or nanny?
  5. Will they feed my baby on time?
  6. Can they keep him neat and tidy and maintain his basic hygiene?
I think I just pointed out the reasons that stopping me from going to work, Well yes, I don't trust people. I am sure every mothers out there would feel the same. But if I really want to work, I have to do this, Oh my this is so effing worrisome! 

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