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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Dear Husband,

Today, is our second wedding anniversary. Happy wedding anniversary my love. Thank you for being the perfect husband anybody could ask for and the world’s greatest daddy. Thank you for being so patience with me. I know I acted irrationally sometimes but you still treat me like queen of the universe. When I was pregnant and my hormone goes up and down like a roller coaster and crazy maniac, I know it is difficult for you to put up with my craziness but you never let me down every time I ask for a back massage.

Today, Amsyar is 10 months old, thank you for taking care of Amsyar, bathe him, wash his poo and feed him when I desperately need a rest.

Today, you have pampered me with full body massage and facial treatment at Sembunyi Spa, Cyberjaya Spa & Resort.  Thank you love for this wonderful treat. I had an amazing time. The sauna was the best part of all. I feel like 5 years younger. This is what I wanted the most and you have fulfilled it.

Today, for the first time I leave Amsyar under your care all by yourself for 3 hours. I know you are tired from driving and don’t get enough sleep from yesterday’s activity but you neither moan nor complaint. I am so proud of Amsyar as well because he doesn’t cry at all. You both are my strengths to live.

I could never ask for more, thank you for everything.

Undying love,
Your wife

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