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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Fussy Eater

I try to vary Amsyar's menu everyday. He eats twice a day and BF milk in between. Since he has got eczema, allergic to certain foods and lactose intolerance so it is kind of hard to cook his meal. That by not of his fault made him a fussy eater. 

I added a chicken into his puree last time and he ended up having a scaly red patches on his body - that is eczema and it is itchy. So far, he only eats vegetables and fruits based puree. I add with little dried anchovies, tofu and a fish to variety the taste sometimes.

Then comes the battles during mealtimes, it is for me the most stressful aspects in parenthood. It can be tiring to make your baby sit up and eat his meal. Below are my personal strategies how to cope with Amsyar during these stressful mealtimes. 

1) Try to stay calm. Don't put pressure on your baby to eat the food you want him to eat. They will also make a mess on your table and on the floor. Put a bib on to avoid his clothes from getting dirty and place a splash map on the floor to make cleaning up easier. 

2) Let him chew his food slowly. Baby takes time to eat and chew his food. Some babies chew with their gums, but apparently Amsyar swallow them all yet still take forever to finish. 

3) Eat together whenever possible. Join in! he will learn that meals are sociable and fun. 

4) Sing a song and make silly faces. Make eating fun! I don't know if it is just me or other parents out there have to actually sing to make their baby eat their food. 

5) Eat and taste his food. This strategy works! I let him see that I am eating the same food that he's eating. You know baby loves imitating you.

6) Change the venue of meals occasionally. This could be in the dining room, in the kitchen's table, in front of Tvs, on the floor, or even in his walker. I introduced Amsyar to highchair when he can fully supported his back. He seems to enjoy being higher up and see what is around

7) Do not give the same recipe to your baby over and over again. He probably become bored and refuse to eat it after a while. 

8) People say toys, TV and music distracts baby?, well not for Amsyar. He eats with all these so-called distractions around him.

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