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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I never talked about my siblings or my family in here, have I? Well not that i can recall. 

I have 4 siblings, I'm the second one. I have 1 elder brother and 1 little brother and sister below me. 

Azman - Father. Works with Malaysian High Commission. Lives in Moscow now. Loves to sing. Never shop for his clothes. 

Khaty - Mother. The most amazing and beautiful woman ever. Mother to 4 adorable kids. Cook the best food in the whole world. 

Jazmi - Elder brother. Lives in Seri Kembangan. Single and available. 26 year old. Fav sport is wall climbing.  

Liana - Author of this blog. 24 year old. Happily married with one kid. Full time housewife. Lives in Subang Jaya. 

Saiful - A darling husband and a father to Amsyar. An architect. 36 year old. Eat whatever I cook regardless the taste.  

Amsyar - Cute and adorable. Turning 10 months in few days. Cry a lot. Eat a lot. Poo a lot also. Has two teeth on his bottom gums and bite me everyday. 

Kamil - Male. Studying IT in Politeknik in Penang. 22 year old. Only knows how to cook instant noodle and it tastes delicious. Single.

Izzati - Has a bf. 20 year old. Studying Photography in Uitm Melaka. Loves eating chocolates. Very kind and always helps me cleaning the house. 

Mother/Father in law - Retired government servant. Live in Taiping. Travel a lot. 

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