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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Happy Eid-ul Adha

Wishing everyone happy Eid Mubarak!

Eid-ul Adha or Qorban is one of the most important holiday in Islam world. Qorban means scarify, all the Muslim celebrate this day by sacrifying a cow or a sheep. As for myself and my family, we sacrife a cow. I celebrated Eid in Taiping again this time - at my in laws house. Eid fall on Sunday, so we got 1 day public holiday. I wish the government could give us more holiday. Yikes!

This also means Amsyar's first time Qorban. We brought him to the mosque where the Qorban took place. Of course he cannot understand what is going on, but eventually he will... As a Muslim, I will try my best to teach and guide him as according to what we belief and what have been taught in this religion.

Other updates, my parents are now in Mecca, performing their Umrah and Hajj. I hope all is well at their side, I miss them dearly. They will be back to Moscow on 25th this month. Can't wait to visit them again.

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