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Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Husband

This post is long overdue, but just thought i should share it.

Aug 3rd ago was my husband's birthday and i was planning for something to surprise him. We hardly celebrate his birthdays, nor valentine's day as he just not the type of guy who into these celebrations kind of thing. So back to the topic, here the story goes. I'm jobless so I couldn't afford to plan for something BIG like a trip to Bali or candle light dinner by the ocean or helicopter trip over KL. Instead i purchased a bouquet of pink daisies through online and delivered to his office. Luckily he goes to office early that day. They sent the bouquet around 10 past nine. Phew! 

But that was not all, what a birthday without a cake? So i decided to maybe spend little bit more on cakes. I was searching online again looking for a somebody who can custom homemade a cake and also provides a delivery. I want them to design a Ducati bikes as my husband just bought one recently and A Taste Boutique made it easy. The cake was so pretty! Again i surprised him as he entered the living room!


zulicious said...

wahh cantiklah kek tu...mahal tak nana? how much ek?

Liana Azman said...

zu, try visit www.atasteboutique.com