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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Good morning sunshine!

My pattern has been to get up around 7 @ 8 in the morning and that is when my routine as a housewife and a mother begin. But today is a special day where the sound of my neighbor’s dog barking that irritates me normally was a melodic to my ear. All this accompanied by the melodious sound of the little bird chirping and NO unfriendly sounds of car engines and loud horns making it extra special. Do you know why? Because today is Saturday – where I get to rest and spend some quality time with my family. Oh my, finally its the weekend. I am so in need to rest. My husband woke up early today and helped cleaning the porch. He even helped me watering the plant and shaping the bonsai trees. Then we went for breakfast at mamak nearby.

So what do you think of this girl? Doesn’t she have an interesting life? 

Other than that, since Amsyar started creeping, so we turned the living room into a bedroom. He fell twice from bed - Ouch! Now the entire room is completely safe for him to crawl around in, essentially turning it into a giant playpen for him. Except last two days ago when he woke up unsoundly around 5am and was playing with the wires underneath the TV cabinet. 

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