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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Driving Range @ Cyberjaya Lake Garden

Mawi invited us for some happy hour time at driving range in Cyberjaya Lake Park. I didn’t know playing golf was hard it always look easy on TV. Anyways, Amsyar was feeling uneasy so I took him to the lake garden. The garden was very relaxing and beautiful. But half way through, he fell asleep. Amsyar you are so not romantic! My husband swung another 100 balls. We were there until Maghrib. We performed our Asar and Maghrib solat before we leave. Lan and Kak Ja joined us afterward. We had our dinner at KFC then mamak because I was suddently craving for roti bakar.

More information on Cyberjaya Lake Park, please visit http://www.cyberview.com.my/kkttc/v2/  

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