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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Confinement & Post natal care

Why mothers need to confine? 

Giving birth is both exhausting and emotional. After the birth, you may feel very tired and with your hormones once again changing, very emotional. Physically, you may feel sore, especially if you have had stitches, bleeding, etc. I myself had stitches. It is quite uncomfortable to move around. So mothers who just delivered needs special care to rehabilitate their body physically & mentally. They need to pamper themselves until they are fully healed.

During my confinement period I was still in Abu Dhabi. My mother in law bought me a product from Amway. It is a Tropical formulation that contains herbs (see picture). Both of my parents and my in laws came to Abu Dhabi 2 weeks before my expected due date as I thought I was going to gave birth early. They only be there for 3 weeks. As for little man, he wasn't ready yet to see the world and was 4 days late. When I gave birth, I had to stay in Hospital longer due to jaundice. My parents had already flown back to Moscow when I was still in Hospital :( 3 weeks passed by and it was my in law’s turn to leave. I had to care the baby all by myself at home; my husband's paternity leave is over. My husband is a sweetheart. Before he goes to work, he will boil the herbal bath for me and cook me a breakfast. He will warm up the hot stone as well. (A hot stone or 'bertungku' treatment is where the tungku is rolled gently over the stomach,buttocks and thigh areas. This helps to gently warm the body,improve blood circulation,remove toxins and eliminate wind. The 'bertungku' treatment also beneficial after menstruation). Isn’t he a darling?

3 weeks later, we went back to Malaysia for good. Amsyar was exactly 1 month old. I went back to Taiping to finish my 44 days confinement period. This time, all these bertungku, herbal bath, warm stone therapy, tangas, post natal massage, tummy wrapping, proper confinement meal, etc, are well prepared. 

Amsyar is turning 10 months in 2 weeks and is eating my face now. Oh Amsyar!


armouris said...

lagi info tentang berpantang selepas bersalin - Cara Bertungku Dengan Mudah Semasa Berpantang

zulicious said...

bestnye nana..boleh bekung n wat tungku n tangas...zu xdpt ler merasa...sonok kan klau org manja2kan kite...huhu

Liana Azman said...

Mmg best, rasa badan sihat dan fresh je. tangas yg paling best tu.