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Friday, November 18, 2011

Amsyar is having a bad day

Some days are good and others are bad, just like our days. My snuggly little man is behaving weird these days. He is always crying. He wants to be held all the times. He is crying when I bath him, when I feed him his solid food, when he wants to sleep, or when I put on his clothes. I normally hold him till he sleeps, but now he prefers sleeping on the floor bed and will faster doze off with my sweater in his arms. Apparently he is also losing his appetite. He’s not happy.

I can’t think of any plethora of things anymore that niggling him. He’s hungry? teething? he has gas or a stomach ache? he's tired? lack of communication? his body is itching (he has eczema)? too hot or cold? he's feeling a bit under the weather?I just run a mental list and try to make him as comfortable as possible but realize (in the wise words of my Mother) that every day is different.

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