''I will live as a writer who keeps alive the music of the language, holds head and heart together in the words, and writes in hope and passion that one person will be better because he or she reads what I wrote'' - The Liz Manifesto

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I never talked about my siblings or my family in here, have I? Well not that i can recall. 

I have 4 siblings, I'm the second one. I have 1 elder brother and 1 little brother and sister below me. 

Azman - Father. Works with Malaysian High Commission. Lives in Moscow now. Loves to sing. Never shop for his clothes. 

Khaty - Mother. The most amazing and beautiful woman ever. Mother to 4 adorable kids. Cook the best food in the whole world. 

Jazmi - Elder brother. Lives in Seri Kembangan. Single and available. 26 year old. Fav sport is wall climbing.  

Liana - Author of this blog. 24 year old. Happily married with one kid. Full time housewife. Lives in Subang Jaya. 

Saiful - A darling husband and a father to Amsyar. An architect. 36 year old. Eat whatever I cook regardless the taste.  

Amsyar - Cute and adorable. Turning 10 months in few days. Cry a lot. Eat a lot. Poo a lot also. Has two teeth on his bottom gums and bite me everyday. 

Kamil - Male. Studying IT in Politeknik in Penang. 22 year old. Only knows how to cook instant noodle and it tastes delicious. Single.

Izzati - Has a bf. 20 year old. Studying Photography in Uitm Melaka. Loves eating chocolates. Very kind and always helps me cleaning the house. 

Mother/Father in law - Retired government servant. Live in Taiping. Travel a lot. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

ASI Pills

1 month and half ago, my milk supply started to drop. So I took the ASI pill to boost my milk production and it have saved me. I can feel an increase in my milk supply within 24 to 72 hours after taking the pills. You need to take 5 pills 3 times a day. One box of ASI contains 100 pills, and it is only for RM15.  I would recommend ASI pills to anyone worried about their milk supply. I hope it works for you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Confinement & Post natal care

Why mothers need to confine? 

Giving birth is both exhausting and emotional. After the birth, you may feel very tired and with your hormones once again changing, very emotional. Physically, you may feel sore, especially if you have had stitches, bleeding, etc. I myself had stitches. It is quite uncomfortable to move around. So mothers who just delivered needs special care to rehabilitate their body physically & mentally. They need to pamper themselves until they are fully healed.

During my confinement period I was still in Abu Dhabi. My mother in law bought me a product from Amway. It is a Tropical formulation that contains herbs (see picture). Both of my parents and my in laws came to Abu Dhabi 2 weeks before my expected due date as I thought I was going to gave birth early. They only be there for 3 weeks. As for little man, he wasn't ready yet to see the world and was 4 days late. When I gave birth, I had to stay in Hospital longer due to jaundice. My parents had already flown back to Moscow when I was still in Hospital :( 3 weeks passed by and it was my in law’s turn to leave. I had to care the baby all by myself at home; my husband's paternity leave is over. My husband is a sweetheart. Before he goes to work, he will boil the herbal bath for me and cook me a breakfast. He will warm up the hot stone as well. (A hot stone or 'bertungku' treatment is where the tungku is rolled gently over the stomach,buttocks and thigh areas. This helps to gently warm the body,improve blood circulation,remove toxins and eliminate wind. The 'bertungku' treatment also beneficial after menstruation). Isn’t he a darling?

3 weeks later, we went back to Malaysia for good. Amsyar was exactly 1 month old. I went back to Taiping to finish my 44 days confinement period. This time, all these bertungku, herbal bath, warm stone therapy, tangas, post natal massage, tummy wrapping, proper confinement meal, etc, are well prepared. 

Amsyar is turning 10 months in 2 weeks and is eating my face now. Oh Amsyar!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Amsyar's sleeping pattern

Amsyar woke up for a milk around 3am something last night and refused to go back to sleep. He was crawling here and there. Please Amsyar not at this time, I'm really sleepy :( I forced him to sleep and tucked him in one and half hour later and right now it is exactly 1.16 am he is clinging on my legs with wide open eyes. Sigh! :(

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pasar Tani

Sunday is the day where I go to Pasar Tani (farmer’s market). I go to the one in Putra Heights, only 5mins drive. This is when I shop for one-week of groceries and foodstuff. You need to wake up early around 8.00 am to get fresher stock and before the sunlight gets too bright. People say the early bird catches the worm allright. If you come late your choice will most likely have been drastically reduce. So far going to Pasar Tani has become my weekly routine. Why shopping in supermarket where you can find similar but even better fresh foods with more reasonable price in Pasar Tani? So go support your Pasar Tani people!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Driving Range @ Cyberjaya Lake Garden

Mawi invited us for some happy hour time at driving range in Cyberjaya Lake Park. I didn’t know playing golf was hard it always look easy on TV. Anyways, Amsyar was feeling uneasy so I took him to the lake garden. The garden was very relaxing and beautiful. But half way through, he fell asleep. Amsyar you are so not romantic! My husband swung another 100 balls. We were there until Maghrib. We performed our Asar and Maghrib solat before we leave. Lan and Kak Ja joined us afterward. We had our dinner at KFC then mamak because I was suddently craving for roti bakar.

More information on Cyberjaya Lake Park, please visit http://www.cyberview.com.my/kkttc/v2/  

Good morning sunshine!

My pattern has been to get up around 7 @ 8 in the morning and that is when my routine as a housewife and a mother begin. But today is a special day where the sound of my neighbor’s dog barking that irritates me normally was a melodic to my ear. All this accompanied by the melodious sound of the little bird chirping and NO unfriendly sounds of car engines and loud horns making it extra special. Do you know why? Because today is Saturday – where I get to rest and spend some quality time with my family. Oh my, finally its the weekend. I am so in need to rest. My husband woke up early today and helped cleaning the porch. He even helped me watering the plant and shaping the bonsai trees. Then we went for breakfast at mamak nearby.

So what do you think of this girl? Doesn’t she have an interesting life? 

Other than that, since Amsyar started creeping, so we turned the living room into a bedroom. He fell twice from bed - Ouch! Now the entire room is completely safe for him to crawl around in, essentially turning it into a giant playpen for him. Except last two days ago when he woke up unsoundly around 5am and was playing with the wires underneath the TV cabinet. 

Friday, November 18, 2011


This picture taken during last weekend. We went to REX-11 Exhibition at PWTC. Amsyar loves the bean bag sofa? Don't you Amsyar? I'll buy for you later OK cupcakes?

Amsyar is having a bad day

Some days are good and others are bad, just like our days. My snuggly little man is behaving weird these days. He is always crying. He wants to be held all the times. He is crying when I bath him, when I feed him his solid food, when he wants to sleep, or when I put on his clothes. I normally hold him till he sleeps, but now he prefers sleeping on the floor bed and will faster doze off with my sweater in his arms. Apparently he is also losing his appetite. He’s not happy.

I can’t think of any plethora of things anymore that niggling him. He’s hungry? teething? he has gas or a stomach ache? he's tired? lack of communication? his body is itching (he has eczema)? too hot or cold? he's feeling a bit under the weather?I just run a mental list and try to make him as comfortable as possible but realize (in the wise words of my Mother) that every day is different.

Hair products

I have a serious hair loss problem ever since i was a teenager. I always wanted a long hair, but it was depressing to see my hair everywhere, in the bathroom, on my pillow, and on the floor. I read books and it says it is normal to lose 50-100 strands a day. But still i don't want to go bald anytime soon. So i decided to cut my hair again. I spent about quite good number of money on shampoos as well but my hair still falling.

3 months after i gave birth to Amsyar, my hair loss becomes more severe. I could see bald spots on my hair. My heart was shattered as i thought i am going to be permanently bald? I know this is due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency. So i started balance up my diet and eat healthy food. But nothing works! 

I visited Hairven salon at Alamanda one day, to cut my hair short again. I cant not bear to see my hair falling anymore. The hair stylist named Haida recommend me this shampoo, she said it is suited for those with hair loss problem. Many of her customers who have tried this product gave good feedback. 

I've been using this product for 4 months now and it works. I don't see much falling hair anymore... probably 10-20 strands at the most during shower and lesser whenever i comb my hair. I see a lot of baby hairs growing as well. I forgot how much is the shampoo but it is quite pricey, but i still haven't finished it yet. I wash my hair once in 2-3 days so i think it just reasonable. I also use hair tonic, also from Schwarzkopf. So for those who have had a hair problem, i would recommend these product. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Husband

This post is long overdue, but just thought i should share it.

Aug 3rd ago was my husband's birthday and i was planning for something to surprise him. We hardly celebrate his birthdays, nor valentine's day as he just not the type of guy who into these celebrations kind of thing. So back to the topic, here the story goes. I'm jobless so I couldn't afford to plan for something BIG like a trip to Bali or candle light dinner by the ocean or helicopter trip over KL. Instead i purchased a bouquet of pink daisies through online and delivered to his office. Luckily he goes to office early that day. They sent the bouquet around 10 past nine. Phew! 

But that was not all, what a birthday without a cake? So i decided to maybe spend little bit more on cakes. I was searching online again looking for a somebody who can custom homemade a cake and also provides a delivery. I want them to design a Ducati bikes as my husband just bought one recently and A Taste Boutique made it easy. The cake was so pretty! Again i surprised him as he entered the living room!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012

I am watching Miss Universe Malaysia right now. All the contestants are beautiful, but not as beautiful as Gabriella. She looks like Angelina Jolie though. I have voted for her. :) Kimberly is also pretty, but you gotta choose the best, so Gabriella all the way! This is little bit of her biography...

Full Name: Aileen Gabriella Robinson
Age: 22 - oh my so young!
From: Kuala Lumpur
Occupation: Assistant Principal in Shall We Dance Academy
Hobbies: Performing, travelling, jungle trekking, drawing

Wednesday, November 09, 2011



Why haven't i heard anything from you yet until this time? It is tiring to check my email inbox every hour hoping your email would pop in. Please be kind.


Happy Eid-ul Adha

Wishing everyone happy Eid Mubarak!

Eid-ul Adha or Qorban is one of the most important holiday in Islam world. Qorban means scarify, all the Muslim celebrate this day by sacrifying a cow or a sheep. As for myself and my family, we sacrife a cow. I celebrated Eid in Taiping again this time - at my in laws house. Eid fall on Sunday, so we got 1 day public holiday. I wish the government could give us more holiday. Yikes!

This also means Amsyar's first time Qorban. We brought him to the mosque where the Qorban took place. Of course he cannot understand what is going on, but eventually he will... As a Muslim, I will try my best to teach and guide him as according to what we belief and what have been taught in this religion.

Other updates, my parents are now in Mecca, performing their Umrah and Hajj. I hope all is well at their side, I miss them dearly. They will be back to Moscow on 25th this month. Can't wait to visit them again.