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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

He is 8 months now!

Happy birthday sayang. I love you!

Lets see his development so far...

  1. Can combat crawl forward and backward on his own
  2. Cry and get upset if he sees me walk out the door or when i am out of his sight, whereas he hardly phased when i left the room before
  3. I can see white caps on the bottom of his gum
  4. Interested in every colourful things he sees in front of him and chew them
  5. Still fully breastfeeding and showing no interest to his solid food at times and is refusing bottle feeding
  6. He can not sleep without his pacifier
  7. Can feed himself finger foods
  8. Admiring his reflection in a mirrow
  9. He loves the shower and would not cry a single tear even when the water is cold
  10. His first baby word was 'amca' which i believe he was calling his own name

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