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Sunday, September 11, 2011

To my son - 7 months and 7 days today

My sweet Amsyar. You love mommy so much that you just can't stand being away from mommy too long. I had to hold my pee coz you'd cry if i leave you. You are growing so beautifully healthy and well. You love your solid foods esp. carrot and potato puree. You are gaining weight like it's your job. You love to be hold in mommy's arms and can fall fast asleep in it. Mommy's arms gets so tired sometimes but that is ok. You sleep longer when i go to bed with you. At 6 months you started to say 'amca' and 'dada'. Mommy still waiting for you to say 'mama'. You are farting so loudly that i think it's cute. You are refusing to stay in your car sear and stroller how strong can i hold you long when you are almost 10 kgs now? Your smile and laugh can ease all my pain away. Everyone in the family loves you dearly. Keep growing my love, mommy wants to see more of you.

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