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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Career or Baby?

I’m in dilemma, I don’t know if I should leave or stay with the company. I’d like to get the half pay 45days period I deserve while on maternity. I’d like to stay with this company long as well since I am kind of good at what I am doing and hello it is the world's largest independent international financial consultancy –who would want to leave? Plus getting a new job is tedious.
Sadly, I am not happy working in my current company, everything feels like a burden and I am not satisfied with the pay. Nobody seems to f****** notice that I AM REALLY PREGNANT and CAN’T DO WORK LIKE A MACHINE ANYMORE. The amount of work ever since I move to new office is just unbearable. I feel like I have done so much and get paid less. This is just too much to handle.
Maybe I should leave and stay home with the baby. Can’t choose carrier over baby, that is wrong. I can always find a job later once the baby is settled. Nothing is more important than him. About my dream of having half pay, it’s not much anyway. (though I can buy two 16GB IPAD with 3G + Wifi).
Baby comes first!

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