''I will live as a writer who keeps alive the music of the language, holds head and heart together in the words, and writes in hope and passion that one person will be better because he or she reads what I wrote'' - The Liz Manifesto

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Prenatal checkup

Monday, 20th December 2010. I went to prenatal checkup today. Little bambino is healthy. He is now 2.2kg in weight. His right kidney still appears to be bright and enlarged. The doctor told me not to worry too much. But as a mother, this kills. I’m going to see the nephrologist next week for further observation . Hopefully he is fine.

Christmas break

Friday, 17th December 2010. The office is now closed for 2 weeks for Christmas break and back on business on New Year, 3rd January 2011. It is a compulsory leave for everyone. Need to handover bits and pieces when the office reopen, after that I'll be on maternity leave, and have a lot of rest. Bump is getting heavier and bigger. And NO, if you ever wondering I did not quit yet, my office admin told me to resign after the maternity leave. She said I deserve to get the maternity pay.

PIC Christmas party

Tuesday, 14th December 2010 was our company Christmas party, so I headed down to Intercontinental hotel around 8.00pm. It was a great night, and not to mention the foods was toothsome! Having everyone together that night was enjoyable. My hope was hopefully from this gathering we could develop a camaraderie among all of us and building a better workplace culture. Arrived home around 12am. Everyone was pretty much wasted and over-indulge and failed to turn up the next day for work.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Career or Baby?

I’m in dilemma, I don’t know if I should leave or stay with the company. I’d like to get the half pay 45days period I deserve while on maternity. I’d like to stay with this company long as well since I am kind of good at what I am doing and hello it is the world's largest independent international financial consultancy –who would want to leave? Plus getting a new job is tedious.
Sadly, I am not happy working in my current company, everything feels like a burden and I am not satisfied with the pay. Nobody seems to f****** notice that I AM REALLY PREGNANT and CAN’T DO WORK LIKE A MACHINE ANYMORE. The amount of work ever since I move to new office is just unbearable. I feel like I have done so much and get paid less. This is just too much to handle.
Maybe I should leave and stay home with the baby. Can’t choose carrier over baby, that is wrong. I can always find a job later once the baby is settled. Nothing is more important than him. About my dream of having half pay, it’s not much anyway. (though I can buy two 16GB IPAD with 3G + Wifi).
Baby comes first!

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Shopping for little bambino

I went shopping for the baby at Mothercare and Mamas & Papas yesterday. Bought push chair, cellular blanket, mattress, muslin squares, changing bag, etc. Look at baby checklist, I still need to buy nappies and wipes, breast pump, vests and sleepsuits, hat, mittens and booties, moses basket, crib or cradle.

Oh i want to be a millionaire, so freaking bad... money.. money... I will update you more in the coming days.