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Sunday, March 07, 2010

waiting anxiously...

Nothing’s new thesedays, I was busy gaming on Facebook. I influenced Saiful to sign up and play along, consequences he became chronically obsessed and competed diligently to beat my level. All I can do is LMAO!

I’m still not giving up on searching for a job. Of course some people might surrender after sending more than 20 applications but never received any single phone calls.

I went for an interview last month, I don’t think I get the job, they haven’t called ever since. But it’s ok, it was indeed sort of a practice for me to know how the interview session were conducted in Abu Dhabi. Well to say, there were not much differences except they don’t look at your cert in first meeting. I don’t know if is it only this company or what. I shall find out later.

Just about couple of minutes ago, I received a phone call from anonymous number, picked it up and it was the manager for one of the job that I applied for. It took me several minutes to remember the company’s profile. I feel like I was standing at the end of the cliff waiting to be pushed off. I felt rude not able to recall and scared that It would give me bad impression. Well people said first impression is important although it was only by phone! But I think that went well, got an appointment this Wed, at 11am.But I wasn’t really expecting for this phone call… I was waiting for… here the stories goes…

On 5th March, I went job search again through online advertisement. I found one and submitted my resume on the spot. About 30 mins later, the manager called, I believe he’s a British man. We discussed lil bit of this and that and he shall submit my resume to HR department and she will call me today. So here I am waiting anxiously for their phone call.

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