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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Living in a great city of Abu Dhabi

The need to update.
I always wanted to update, blogging used to be my hobby though I tend to ignore them sometime but I miss writing, really. Frankly, I felt relieved and calmed after letting my thoughts out, and for some odd reason, I feel appreciated, I know it doesn’t make any sense out of the universe combined but its true.

How's life?
Life in oil-rich Abu Dhabi state is interesting. They got eight lane highways (trust me I counted it myself), shopping malls, and international hotels that looks so glamorous and huge. You see foreign workers, especially from Philippine everywhere. When I say everywhere it’s like 50% out of populations here. It’s so exotic. I must also say the safety here is beyond terrific that you don’t have to be worried wandering the streets, even at night, and you would be very unlikely to be attacked or mugged.

But the cost of living here is insanely expensive, from groceries, clothing, house rentals, eating outs, etc. But it’s all good and I survived – chubbier! Hmm… I don’t get to stay out of the house that often, but I’ve seen many. Saiful works like 50 hours a week. He got home around 7pm; work half day on Friday and off only on Saturday. I'm currently a fulltime housewife which is good at this particular moment because i can sleep whenever i want and watch The Simpsons on TV. Though i must admit it drives me crazy sometime. I did google some jobs, just waiting for the right moment to be employed.

What's new?
We went window shopping last night and no more sales except for esprit. Bought shirts for my sister.
We played volleyball and roller blade by the beach sometimes.

Random talk.
Sports stuffs are quite cheaper compared to Malaysia because most Arabs people don’t do sports, they only interested in sports car! DAMN! You should really see their car! Ufrghh. Well, nuff said.

I think I have insomnia. Really.


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