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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Go shorty, it's my birthday!

I am now 23 year old. I can’t ask for anything more than just good health, love and happiness. I got my birthday gift from my hubby about 1 month ago and again, it’s a handphone. For 3 consecutive years he’s been giving me handphone for my birthday gift coz I kept on losing them. It’s like a curse. I don’t know, it just weird. And losing handphone is extremely stressful because I lost all the contacts, whole year photos, future reminders on birthdays, exams, etc. I’m such a careless person and how I wish I could change that.

Mom called just now, i had to fight tears that fill up in my eyes from falling, she might as well crying and dad send me text msg, this is like the first time he wishes through sms since I’m far away. Thank you mom and dad for bringing me to the world, for giving me life, and for being there always. You both will always be beautiful in my eyes.

I received so many wishes from friends! Well, thank you! You guys just made my day!

Well my age resolution this year is to be a good wife and cook more delicious foods. Also I’d like to lessen up my eating habit as I’ve been enjoying my foods more than ever. Despite how horribly depressed I was about my weight, I never did anything about it. So hopefully i can start exercising and grow healthier and prettier.

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