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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Say cheeze!

5th December 2009, Saturday
We bounced to Malacca for outdoor photography session. Malacca is a historic place and very fascinating at night with its colorful lights and ‘Jonker Walk’ especially. I’m starting to enjoy picture shooting because of Is. He taught me how to use the camera when we went for karaoke and I got my first picture snapped on my camera and it turned out pretty good thus got me excited and eagerly to learn more after that. It’s a good start. For now, I’m using Canon G10 and borrowed his Nikon D90.
We reached Malacca late evening and first thing we did was take a tour on Malacca river cruise. The surroundings along the river were really nice that I don’t feel like getting out of the boat. Our next destination was Malacca Eye on Malaysia. Damn that thing was freaking scary.
Hungry and thirsty and yes our tummy needs to be feed, so we drove to nearby restaurant and had yummy seafood. I’m so stuffed that could barely move. Hah! There was a port full of ‘sampan’ and boats, which is so peaceful to be and look at. It’s fascinating. We took picture there and yes again I got a lovely shot. :D
I got home around 2am. I was exhausted but it was worth as I learned something tonight. Can’t wait for our next outdoor.

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