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Thursday, November 19, 2009

How long it is since i've been away??

Yes, I have been busy for a while. Busy with living, personal stuff, wedding preparations and work, which demanding a lot of my time and leaves little time for me for blogging.

Apparently, i'm addicted to FB games (i swear, it such a nicotine)So i basically will use my so-called-little-time playing games on FB, as such, harvesting my farms, feeding my fishes, managing restaurant, etc. I know it sounds immature and "what a childish games?!" and so not suitable for my age, but its fun! So leave me alone. Lolz.

I’ll find a way to snag some time here and there and update stories. I will try to get to at least 5 posts a month as my intermediary pledge, because I have a lot to say about what is going on. I do.
(I know I made too many pledge – I made mistake, so forgive me)

So lets see, what’s happening over these past weeks/months. To make it simple, fast and readable, I’ll point it out for you guys:-
  1. I graduated already.
  2. My sister is accepted in UiTM Melaka.
  3. I have submitted my resignation early this month and my last day will be on 3rd Dec
  4. I will be getting married on 26th Dec.
  5. Lots of my friends got married, so i hope they live happily ever after

I can't think of anything more at this time. It's late so my brain is processing slow. So later! and good night!

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