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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Merdeka Trip to Johore

Happy Independence Day, Malaysia. I know it quite late to post, I just have no time to blog. I’ve been busy with works and other personal stuff. And I changed my blog background which I don’t really like. Anyways, me and my families hit the road on Saturday afternoon, 29 August 2009 after I got back from work. It was a long journey and took 4hours to reach in Pontian, where my uncle lives. It’s a real village surrounded by palm oil plantations and hills and the best thing was when you could smell fresh virgin air in the morning, it was magnificent. The next day we went shopping in nearest area. I was fun. As always, the pictures, have fun!

1. ~ my sister and her stupid face~
2. ~ Emi, Kamil, & Nori (my siblings) ~
3. ~ retarded bros ~
4. ~ mummy and cousin ~
5. ~ Uncle ~
6. ~ untie ~

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