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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Eid's coming!

Eid day is just 3 days away, I'm going back to Penang this year. Frankly I have not prepared much for this, just one new baju kurung that I bought in Malacca. I shopped for my families as well. This is like the first time I buy them bayu raya using my own money ever since I get my first salary. But I bought them other stuff though. Lolz. I think my family has the weirdest theme color for Eid:-

Daddy: Grey Blueish
Mommy: Black with red flowers
Emi: Fern Green
Mine: Forest Green
Kamil: Brown
Izzati: Red

Trust me it’s hard to find color that matches everyone. I tried. Unless, if you bought 24 meters of similar fabrics and get it stitched, then you can have everyone wearing the same color. Which I don’t think they would agree, my sister would prolly think it’s gay or something. Haha
On the other side, I went to the airport yesterday to pick up something from Saiful’s colleague. He’s back for Eid. Saiful got me guess handbag and couples of t-shirts, plus one dazzling beaded embroidery lace for our solemnization. Peace!

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