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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

2006 Memories

OMG! This picture was taken long time ago when i was in Pakistan. I was 19 year old, and i still have that yellow kebaya. And I'm no longer that chubby now. I'm becoming much smaller but my 'arse' are still the same though. It's a valuable assets that never will decrease in size. LMAO. Anyway, this is during Armed Forces Day, the venue is in Serena Hotel, Pakistan. Date: 16/09/2006.

From left is Kak Niza, ME, Marche's mom, my mom, and lastly Untie As.

Thank you Marche for emailing me this picture and bringing back such a lovely memories of those old days. Send me more! Well, there is also a video. I'll post it later.

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