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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Car service & shopping - 4 June 09'

Well today is Thursday and I'm wearing light green blouse with black pants to office. (yess that is so random). Well today...
  • I went to Suzuki service center in Bangsar to change my rear lamp yellow car.
  • Drove back to Putrajaya - work...work...work
  • Is called for help around 4.30pm, he needs a spanner wrench to fix his tires. So i meet him near UPM's toll
  • Drove back straight and watched TV as soon as i reached home.
  • Went to Alamanda with Enduk. Bought 2 novels from MPH and 1 belt from Chamelon. Lepak at Starbucks and drank orange juice.
  • Saiful is coming back tomorrow, so i thought i should clean the car, bird faeces are everywhere, but the workshop in Cyberjaya is closed, so maybe i'll clean it tomorrow before leaving to the airport.
  • Refill fuel at Precint 8 on the way back home.
Well that's all.


Anonymous said...

Nana jahat! thot endukku cyg btl2 dh blah. ee

Anna said...

alamak, nana was jeles u called enduk cyg... Nehi mgkin!

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