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Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a eating fest baby! - 9 June 09'

It's a eating fest baby!

Me and Saiful went to 'Kam Heong' in BB, fav place of all. We hit BB after Maghrib. The foods was really delicious. Chili crabs, deep fried prawns, etc. Cant mention. Its too many. We ate like a hungry pig. Lan, Kak Ja, Mawi, Kak Fina and Alex reached there early. We arrived late coz Saiful left the camera at home, so we had turned back to get the camera. After eating, we walked around Starhill - Lot 10 in order to get to Sg. Wang coz they need to buy Durians. After buying durians, we walked back to the car. Then we all went home happily with a full-tummy.

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