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Monday, June 29, 2009

Village View

This is just a quick update. For some reason i dont feel like blogging anymore. Hmm we'll see how long this thing can last. But last Saturday went to Village View, Bangi with Fariza & Is. We had our dinner there. Here are the pictures.

You Are Not Alone - Micheal Jackson

R.I.P Micheal, we love you!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Friday, June 19, 2009

Camel back to dessert he belongs

Saiful is back to Abu Dhabi on Wed's evening. He was here for 2 weeks, but it felt like 2 days. Waaaa. So as always, i fetched him to the airport. My lil sis and bro accompanied me. Well, I hope he's doing fine there with all the camels on an ample desserts.

It was a lovely day with a lovely people

Remember when i told u recently i went back to Penang for my cousin's wedding? Well i got the pictures already. So enjoy!
(click on pictures to enlarge)


Bridegroom a.k.a my Cousin

Buying tropical fruits

At someone's kebun durian - Uncle, Mom, Me

On the wedding - Bridegroom's place

Group photos

Me, Mom, lil cousin, uncle a.k.a bride's father

Saiful - (he needs to get a hair cut)

Cousins and mommy

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pha-Pha Garden

I went to Wangsa Melawati on Tuesday to visit my former boss. I went there with Saiful, i was on leave today so just thought we should visit, it's been a while since we heard from them. Nadzif, Epul and Pizul was there aswell. We lepaks at Pha-Pha Garden nearby office. The foods was so-so but the services was pathetic. Talking bout' waiters...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Friday - 12 June 09'

FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKESSSSS....

Normal - 11 June 09'

Nothing bizarre happened, it's all the same routines everyday.... And i don't think i should say it more. You all know my activities on workdays.

Short- minded - 10 June 09'

I can't really remember what happened today, you know since i supposed to update this post 3 days ago. But what i know is that i had my class today in PJ. Saiful fetched me home from class and he went back to Taiping afterward. Hm.. what else, i think that's all besides me going to office in the morning. Hm..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a eating fest baby! - 9 June 09'

It's a eating fest baby!

Me and Saiful went to 'Kam Heong' in BB, fav place of all. We hit BB after Maghrib. The foods was really delicious. Chili crabs, deep fried prawns, etc. Cant mention. Its too many. We ate like a hungry pig. Lan, Kak Ja, Mawi, Kak Fina and Alex reached there early. We arrived late coz Saiful left the camera at home, so we had turned back to get the camera. After eating, we walked around Starhill - Lot 10 in order to get to Sg. Wang coz they need to buy Durians. After buying durians, we walked back to the car. Then we all went home happily with a full-tummy.

fatique - 8 June 09'

I went to office today feeling very sleepy. I am still tired over yesterday's traveling. Hmmph! I got tons of work in office. Still didn't manage to get it done - which is very depressing. At 5pm, as always i went to Stamford. Class was very dull and boring, makes me feel more sleepier. ZzzzzzZz...

Penang - 7 June 09'

I am still in Penang at this time. Didn't do anything, just reading the novel that i bought recently. My mom was off to someone's wedding in Sg. Petani. I wasn't feeling like going, it was too hot outside. Then around 4.00pm, Saiful came picked me and my mom up, then we drove back to Putrajaya. Traffic jammed was really bad. We reached Putrajaya almost at 1am.

Balik kampung - 6 June 09'

Balik kampung - Penang for cousin's wedding. Left Putrajaya at 6am. Reach there around 11am something. I dont have the picture on wedding day with me now, but i'll upload it later! But he's the picture of sunrise i took that morning.

Saiful is here - 5 June 09'

I picked up Saiful at the airport today. His flight arrived at 2.00pm. He will be here for 2 weeks. Yeay. Then we drove back to Putrajaya. I left Saiful at my house, then i went to work.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Car service & shopping - 4 June 09'

Well today is Thursday and I'm wearing light green blouse with black pants to office. (yess that is so random). Well today...
  • I went to Suzuki service center in Bangsar to change my rear lamp yellow car.
  • Drove back to Putrajaya - work...work...work
  • Is called for help around 4.30pm, he needs a spanner wrench to fix his tires. So i meet him near UPM's toll
  • Drove back straight and watched TV as soon as i reached home.
  • Went to Alamanda with Enduk. Bought 2 novels from MPH and 1 belt from Chamelon. Lepak at Starbucks and drank orange juice.
  • Saiful is coming back tomorrow, so i thought i should clean the car, bird faeces are everywhere, but the workshop in Cyberjaya is closed, so maybe i'll clean it tomorrow before leaving to the airport.
  • Refill fuel at Precint 8 on the way back home.
Well that's all.

yesss, i've found it!

Owhhh finally i've found it. It felt so good. Been searching for this shit for almost 3 months. I almost gave up at first! But i guess 3 months of searching is worth waiting coz daym it makes me feel good. I feel smug! I shall sleep well tonight.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Im in Stamford PJ

I reached Stamford early today, around 5.30. Then i went to the Cashier Department to get my new student ID as the old one stated wrong IC no. *Sigh*

I'm in the computer lab, i have text processing subject at this moment. It is damn boring and i cant wait till 8pm so i can go home. I know this subject is good because it teaches us how to type properly using the right finger, but still... it is kind of lame. 40mins to go.