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Sunday, May 03, 2009

Weekends in Penang

  • I went to Penang on friday's morning for my cousin's wedding reception. Two receptions actually which means two cousins got married.
  • It was so hot in Penang. I got sun-burned. Pimples started to 'grow' up as if no one's problem.
  • Met with long-lost cousins. Last time we met was 7 years ago. They're all grown up and getting prettier.
  • Can't sleep well - too many mosquitoes at night.
  • Drove back to KL on Sunday. Traffic congestion annoyed the hell outta me. But that's normal.
  • Drop my auntie first in Damansara, then drove back home straight.
  • Got home, shower, cook for my parents coz they still stuck in jams. I cooked sayur kacang and sambal tumis. Very easy and fast to cook.
  • Went online. Chatted with few people, checked my emails. Updated blog.
  • Went offline, study for Thursday exam
  • Eat.
  • Sleep

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