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Friday, May 22, 2009

Bos is back from vacation

My boss will come back from Australia today. The office is kind of quiet without him. There are so much work to do and hopefully I can see him tomorrow or on Monday so that all these crazy piling of paperwork can be settled ASAP.

I had my first Sem1 class on 18th May, it was boring. I have completed all my semesters (Sem2 - Sem7), and learned all the hardest subjects, passed in my examinations very well and of course i found Sem1 is very easy since it is all the basic subjects. Well these are the subjects for Sem1:-
  • Business English & P. Skills
  • Text Processing & keyboarding
  • Office Practice
  • Basic Shorthand
I already sat for basic shorthand exam, so right now I only have 3 more subjects to go. Stamford College is such a pain! Cant wait to grad.

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