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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I love raining day

It is raining right now and I love it when it rains. Not the kind that's so hard though. A bit of drizzle, a bit of shower. To me, this has always been a very romantic scene. It is such a pleasant weather where everything feels so fresh and I just love the smell. I love it coz it's not too hot if it rains. I love to see the rainbows as well. So yea, I love rains. Lolz


Anonymous said...

U cry every night
looking for the light
letting the rain wash away the pain
but there is nothing to gain if we dont try.
so let that rain wash away our sorrows
let us find that blinding light to guide us. the darkness surrounding me may never go away.
but the rain will wash all that away.
so whenever it rains
go out and sing
for i will be right beside you singing too.
i will hear you go into time
washing away our sorrows for a day.

Anna said...

awwww, that is lovely. Thank you