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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Car service & Happy Mother's Day

I went to service my car in Bangsar yesterday's morning. Got out from the house around 8.30am, kind of late, my appointment is at 9am. Traffic congestion is bad but who's to blame, it's a peak time where millions of vehicles ply to KL's streets. I manage to get there at 9am (thanks to the highways), but i went to refill fuel, withdraw cash, and reached at Suzuki service center around 930am. Waited 1h 30mins, drink cup of coffee at em' Cafe, then drove back to office. Not much work to do in office which makes me sleepy and more exhausted. Left office at 530pm, drove to Avon in Diplomatic enclave with Fariza. Didn't buy anything, just being her driver. Haha. Drove her home afterward, then i went back straight. Well another tiring and boring day i guess... *Sigh* Mom is back from Ipoh, thank God, we are starving. I bet if she leaves us for another couple of days, we all gonna die of starvation. Haha.

To mummy, Happy Mother's Day. I love you. Ciao!

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