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Monday, May 18, 2009

How to Beat Monday Morning Blues?

Who doesn't hate Mondays? Waking up early on Mondays is torturing. I always feel tired after waking up on Mondays and when I'm tired I'm liable to be grumpy.

Well down here i found a very useful tips on how to overcome Mondays blues.
  1. Sleep in for a longer time on Monday mornings - you can do this by planning your ensemble, preparing your lunch etc. on Sunday evening.
  2. Don’t spend your weekend thinking of Monday. Enjoy your weekend and leave Monday for Monday.
  3. Put up a picture of your boss in your room and practice throwing darts at it – it’s a great stress-buster and you’ll feel much more cheery at work.
  4. Have a nice hot shower and pamper yourself with some nice bath products while listening to your favourite music.
  5. Put some effort into dressing up and looking good. Wear something that makes you look and feel good, use your favourite make-up and spritz or your most expensive perfume. If nothing else, the compliments you’re bound to receive will have you running to work.
  6. Exercise is one of the best ways to change your mood and fight off mild depression. Try walking or cycling sometime during weekends.
  7. Don’t mess up your body clock. If we feel physically tired it is much more difficult to be in a good frame of mind. One of the best things is to keep a certain routine at the weekend. Don’t sleep in, but keep your usual body clock. It will give you more time to enjoy the weekend and making getting up on Monday much easier.
  8. Don’t jam your weekend with activities such as weddings, birthdays, drinking sessions, a visit to the movies… etc. phew! – make select plans instead of committing to anything and everything that comes your way.
  9. Don't get frustrated with things you can't control. Wherever we work there will be problems, awkward people and difficult issues. We can’t change this. Or try not getting frustrated when stuck in the inevitable traffic jams. See it as an opportunity to listen to your favorite music or even just do some stretching exercises.
  10. And finally, keep telling yourself that it’s gonna be JUST 4-5 days till your days off. Now that’s something to cherish ;)

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