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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Faizal a.k.a Betik's reception

Congratulations Faizal a.ka Betik on your wedding. I went to his reception in Dewan Serbaguna Precint 16 with my mom today. My brother was the 'maid of honour', he looks so fine in that purpleish baju melayu while standing next to the bridegroom. Ahaks.

Lots of SMK Putrajaya 1 (P8) ex-students were there. I was practically pinching myself to assure that i wasn't dreaming when i saw some of them holding their son/daughter in their arms. I mean they are still young, men don't get that matured at this age (23-24 yr old). I remember this girl, she's at my age, who was a trouble maker, always skipped school and involved in many fights, well she was like a brat spoiled teenage. She was at the reception too, she came with one guy and one cute little girl, it almost took my breath away when this child called her 'mummy'. I was like, oh my God! and that guy is her husband.

My point here is how i being unwise and silly to actually take the times to realized that they have grown up and changed as if bad people can't be good. Somehow, i feel like a loser coz they officially have their own family while i'm still counting days for that, thus i was successfully able to see these in a good perspective that "so what if they married young? or was a spoiled teenage, that is non of my business and i have no right to say anything about their life, past is past and people change". To them who are married, i wish for all the happiness you deserve in life and may God bless you and your family. Amin. Yet i still think today was the most unbelievable day in my life.

I've taken some pictures on Faizal's reception as you can see above, but as always i'm not really good in taking picture, but who cares! Have fun.


Anonymous said...

Dude,apka pics nehi hai?

Anna said...

cameraman nehi hay! :(