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Saturday, April 18, 2009

weird girl

Somebody sms me yesterday's evening, saying 'Anna cl me now'. I called that anonymous number and a-low-smooth-unfamiliar-voice but scary in a way girl picked up the phone, she was saying something but i could not hear her clearly, then the line got cut off. I called her back, but she never answered. She left me clueless-ly in wonder. And until now, i am still wondering who the heck is she? Why didnt she answer my calls? How come i dont have her number saved in my hp? And only my foreign and chatting friends call me Anna. Who could she be?
Anyway, im going to Melaka today. My bus is at 3pm. My bro will drop me in Puduraya. I'm kinda scared to travel alone actually. Anyone wants to accompany me?

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