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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love thy bos

I think this is the most exhausting month ever. I’ve been rushing my work like a monkey gone berserk lately, thus has taken out all my time from blogging here. I know some of you might be wondering where I’d gone, but I am still here, facing my pc daily, monitoring my blog just in case there are comments. But, I do not have the time nor brain cell to write a post.

My bos was planning to take a time off from work and wants a honeymoon in Japan. I was happy for him coz he never went for honeymoon ever since he got married. They married for 6 years with blessed with one daughter.

Due to my excitement and my happy feeling for my boss, I managed to prepare the itinerary faster. Not just that, I also study about Japan, the culture, festivals, history, hotels, food as if I was the one who will be going to Japan. As a PA, I think I should prepare myself with these general knowledge in case if he'd asked, you never know right. My boss just need to agree with everything that I have prepared and this holiday would be his best trip ever.

But my boss was having a mood swings like a PMS lady and not in the mood for Japan now and wants to go to Australia instead. Why did you do this to me boss? Argh this is sad, this is the saddest moment in my life. I manage to rearrange everything back today.
 You better stick with this boss, please i beg you, I'm tired and my brain in completely fried. 

Other story completely different than this, I got short hand exam next week, and I have not started revising anything yet. I am going to fail! 

Anyway, I should have more free time now and keeps updating this blog again. So, stay tune!

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