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Thursday, April 23, 2009

ISS Night

So yea, this story was supposedly to be posted 3 days ago. Anyway, I’m back in KL on Monday by bus with Marche and Tareq. These are some of my activities in Melaka

Day 1 -18 Apr 2009
  • Head down to Melaka by bus at 3.30pm.
  • Arrived in Melaka Central at 5.30, waited 30mins at McD for Lisa to pick me up.
  • Drove straight to Mahkota Parade because they (Lisa, Marche & Mazen) need to get their hair done, cutting, washing, blowing, curling, straightening, blah.
  • While waiting for them, I wander around looking for innerwear shop as I forgot to bring my bras. Found lovely and cheap one in Parkson and bought two.
  • As they’ve done with their hair, we drove straight to Lisa’s hostel – Ixora Apartment and took a quick shower, put on lovely make up, looking very fabs and hot.
  • Reach Seri Negeri Hall before the opening performance started, walk in like a model wanna be coz all eyes on us and sit elegantly at table no 16A.
  • Enjoy all the performances. Had a nice dinner. Daym the chicken goreng was nice.
  • Left home around 2.15am. Me and Marche slept at Mazen’s house coz we can’t sleep at Lisa’s apartment as the visitors only allowed till 10pm. (and yes, we kicked him out of his room). 

Day 2 – 19 April 2009
  • 8am something: Me & Marche bounced to Lisa’s apartment.
  • Can't not enter the apartment because the visiting time is from10am-10pm. Marche was begging and maybe flirting a bit with the guards, then they let us in.
  • Can't nor fall asleep afterward, although our body is really tired but our mind refuse to rest.
  • Lisa cooked us breakfast. It was delicious and i finish ¼ of her biscuits.
  • Tummy full so we fell asleep.
  • Woke up and decided what to do to for the rest of the day. We decided – Gunung Ledang Resort, Johor. Went with Mazen, Tareq, Lisa, March and Me.
  • Stopped at Tesco and bought our lunch. Lots of lunch.
  • Drove to Johor, 40mins drive, 5.30 we reached in Gunung Ledang.
  • Swim, swim, climb the hill, heap further up, swim again.
  • Went back to Lisa’s apartment, shower, and dinner at Pakistanis restaurant.
  • Then off to the beach nearby (Pantai Puteri) and adore the waves sounds. It was lovely.
  • Lisa, Me and Marche slept at Mazen’s house. Again he got kicked out.
Day 3 – 20 April 2009

  • Woke up really early. Shower.
  • Had our lunch at this good-tasty-food-spicy restaurant.
  • Drove to Melaka Central. Bought the bus tickets.
  • Left Melaka at 3pm and reached Pudu at 5.00. Waited for my bro to fetch us.
  • Drop Marche and Tareq at their place, got lost on our way home as always, arrived home at 7pm. Daym I was really tired

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