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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Love thy bos

I think this is the most exhausting month ever. I’ve been rushing my work like a monkey gone berserk lately, thus has taken out all my time from blogging here. I know some of you might be wondering where I’d gone, but I am still here, facing my pc daily, monitoring my blog just in case there are comments. But, I do not have the time nor brain cell to write a post.

My bos was planning to take a time off from work and wants a honeymoon in Japan. I was happy for him coz he never went for honeymoon ever since he got married. They married for 6 years with blessed with one daughter.

Due to my excitement and my happy feeling for my boss, I managed to prepare the itinerary faster. Not just that, I also study about Japan, the culture, festivals, history, hotels, food as if I was the one who will be going to Japan. As a PA, I think I should prepare myself with these general knowledge in case if he'd asked, you never know right. My boss just need to agree with everything that I have prepared and this holiday would be his best trip ever.

But my boss was having a mood swings like a PMS lady and not in the mood for Japan now and wants to go to Australia instead. Why did you do this to me boss? Argh this is sad, this is the saddest moment in my life. I manage to rearrange everything back today.
 You better stick with this boss, please i beg you, I'm tired and my brain in completely fried. 

Other story completely different than this, I got short hand exam next week, and I have not started revising anything yet. I am going to fail! 

Anyway, I should have more free time now and keeps updating this blog again. So, stay tune!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

ISS Night

So yea, this story was supposedly to be posted 3 days ago. Anyway, I’m back in KL on Monday by bus with Marche and Tareq. These are some of my activities in Melaka

Day 1 -18 Apr 2009
  • Head down to Melaka by bus at 3.30pm.
  • Arrived in Melaka Central at 5.30, waited 30mins at McD for Lisa to pick me up.
  • Drove straight to Mahkota Parade because they (Lisa, Marche & Mazen) need to get their hair done, cutting, washing, blowing, curling, straightening, blah.
  • While waiting for them, I wander around looking for innerwear shop as I forgot to bring my bras. Found lovely and cheap one in Parkson and bought two.
  • As they’ve done with their hair, we drove straight to Lisa’s hostel – Ixora Apartment and took a quick shower, put on lovely make up, looking very fabs and hot.
  • Reach Seri Negeri Hall before the opening performance started, walk in like a model wanna be coz all eyes on us and sit elegantly at table no 16A.
  • Enjoy all the performances. Had a nice dinner. Daym the chicken goreng was nice.
  • Left home around 2.15am. Me and Marche slept at Mazen’s house coz we can’t sleep at Lisa’s apartment as the visitors only allowed till 10pm. (and yes, we kicked him out of his room). 

Day 2 – 19 April 2009
  • 8am something: Me & Marche bounced to Lisa’s apartment.
  • Can't not enter the apartment because the visiting time is from10am-10pm. Marche was begging and maybe flirting a bit with the guards, then they let us in.
  • Can't nor fall asleep afterward, although our body is really tired but our mind refuse to rest.
  • Lisa cooked us breakfast. It was delicious and i finish ¼ of her biscuits.
  • Tummy full so we fell asleep.
  • Woke up and decided what to do to for the rest of the day. We decided – Gunung Ledang Resort, Johor. Went with Mazen, Tareq, Lisa, March and Me.
  • Stopped at Tesco and bought our lunch. Lots of lunch.
  • Drove to Johor, 40mins drive, 5.30 we reached in Gunung Ledang.
  • Swim, swim, climb the hill, heap further up, swim again.
  • Went back to Lisa’s apartment, shower, and dinner at Pakistanis restaurant.
  • Then off to the beach nearby (Pantai Puteri) and adore the waves sounds. It was lovely.
  • Lisa, Me and Marche slept at Mazen’s house. Again he got kicked out.
Day 3 – 20 April 2009

  • Woke up really early. Shower.
  • Had our lunch at this good-tasty-food-spicy restaurant.
  • Drove to Melaka Central. Bought the bus tickets.
  • Left Melaka at 3pm and reached Pudu at 5.00. Waited for my bro to fetch us.
  • Drop Marche and Tareq at their place, got lost on our way home as always, arrived home at 7pm. Daym I was really tired

Monday, April 20, 2009


Someone once said:
Never take somone for granted, hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realise that you have lost real diamonds while you were too busy collecting stones.

God didnt promise days without pain
laughter without sorrow
sun without rain
but He did promise strength for the day
comfort for the tears and light for the way

Saturday, April 18, 2009

weird girl

Somebody sms me yesterday's evening, saying 'Anna cl me now'. I called that anonymous number and a-low-smooth-unfamiliar-voice but scary in a way girl picked up the phone, she was saying something but i could not hear her clearly, then the line got cut off. I called her back, but she never answered. She left me clueless-ly in wonder. And until now, i am still wondering who the heck is she? Why didnt she answer my calls? How come i dont have her number saved in my hp? And only my foreign and chatting friends call me Anna. Who could she be?
Anyway, im going to Melaka today. My bus is at 3pm. My bro will drop me in Puduraya. I'm kinda scared to travel alone actually. Anyone wants to accompany me?

Friday, April 17, 2009


  • I’m in office and im freaking dead bored.
  • ISS function is tomorrow. I got my dress already (the one that i wanted so bad from nichii)
  • I bought my bus ticket yesterday, and i’ll be travelling to Melaka alone. It has been more than hmmm 7 years since my last trip-alone-by-bus. I hope I’ll be okay.
  • Im going to eat my lunch now.
  • Later.

Unspoken Communication

Friday, April 10, 2009

I need nice dress

Ok so It's been a couple of days since my last entry, already I have failed at my attempt OF writing more. I am currently overstressed, I still kant find any nice dress to wear on ISS Night, which is next week. But I saw this HOT dress at Nichii that costs quite expensive. I was thinking that it might be a waste if I bought it coz I know I'm gonna wear it once. But I couldn’t resist the temptation. That dress is freaking HOT as it makes my body looks sexily scrumptious. I am so cannot make up my mind.
And what stressed me more was that I've been eating like pig these days and haven't really been exercising that much. I need to lose weight for that ISS thingy.

Monday, April 06, 2009

F1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

My dad was one of the lucky winners for Petronas Grand Prix Fever contest and he won 2 tickets to watch F1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix. He told me to pick the tickets at KLCC and i was really happy, for the fact that i know he will give those tickets to me. Haha. Anyway, I drove to KLCC on Saturday afternoon right after work and I got the tickets. Yeay.
I left home early Sunday morning (around 11am – well that can still be considered as early ok) and drove straight to Sepang with my girlfriend, Marche. It was a lovely PANASSS morning. We had to stopped at the parking ticket booth to buy a parking sticker that costs OH MY GOD! freaking RM50! Sucha rip-off! I have less than RM40 (and lots of coins) Marche got only RM50, (of course she got plenty of coins too). Anyway, we reached there around 1pm and managed to find our entrance gate in less than 5mins. Daym girl, we were awesome! (we usually lost looking for ANY directions). Anyway, the F1 car-racing-thingy was o-k-a-y. We were really into it. I swear! (and yea Marche is laughing like anything right now - she knows im lying while writing this). While enjoying eating our 'minum petang'... tiba-tiba... three chinkey hunks approached us and asked:

ChinkeyNo1: “Eh i tgk u olng dri tdi asyik mkn bnyk laju” (actually he was supposedly to say U as in ‘ME’ not u olng coz I was the one who was eating. Non stop)
Anna/Marce: Muka blur jap. X paham.. and blushing after 8½ seconds.
Anna: “Ohh u nak sikit ke?”

ChinkeyNo1: “No its ok but tdi i nak pergi ambik maknn tapi itu olng ckp sudah habis. Kitaolng cuma dpt lemon tea sja”
Anna/Marce: Ooooohhhh at the same time sambil offer sandwich and apple pie to them.

ChinkeyNo1: “Ohhh x pe laa, its okay”
ChinkeyNo2: Mengambil makann dgn laju dari tgn aku and Marce. Then Marce terus keep quiet. Apahal mamat ni, she thought.

ChinkeyNo2: Offer the apple pie to ChinkeyNo3
Anna: “Xpe la, ambik la, I ade another box of foods”
Marce: “Aaaa ambik la…” (then she keep went blur again)

ChinkeyNo3: “Ohhh thank you arr”
ChinkeyNo1: “U olang dtg sini ade minat ke? I tgk u mcm xde perasaan je?”
Anna/Marce: “Yeke?” Laughing... loudly
Anna: “Bosan arr, I dpt ini tiket pun free, so dtg aje laa tgk”

ChinkeyNo1: “Shhsssss eh jgn ckp tiket free, ckp beli, ini tiket mahal”. (He whispered)
(Well the ticket costs about RM2K)
Anna: Blur again. “arrr mahal2, mmg sy beli pun tiket ni” … sambil looking around wondering if someone have accidentally heard about the free-ticket-conversations.

Then bla….bla…bla….bweekkkk… we found these conversations veri la the hillarious!

Overall it was a great weekends.
Oh shit one more thing, the parking arr i tell u, so yucky and muddy (coz of heavy rains). Me and Marche was on our bare foots. Could barely walk, our kaki was tengelam. Eiii kotoq nak mampuih, they should really provide us nice parking since we pay FREAKING RM50 for that. Bodo punya olang!

Below here are the pictures on that day. I will upload the videos later.


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Indians Wedding

On 29th March 2009, I went to my friend's sister wedding. The wedding was held in Sri Raja Raja Rajeswari Temple, Ampang. It was a nice and clean temple. I had fun and enjoyed the delicious vegetarian dishes. I went there with Enduk and Jimi, Banu were there too. I was really impressed, excited and glad for having the opportunity to actually experience the cultures and traditions of Indian’s wedding, and it somehow makes me proud to live in this multi-racial country. I wish I could attend more of this kind of functions. Well thanks Malathi for inviting me. Anyway, thought that I should show it to you so I uploded the pictures on that wedding day.