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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Zong TV Production

Yesterday, 24 March 09.
The 'Zong' Tv Production came over to my office and did some technical set-up. Of course there are some modifications to be made, like building another plywood partition, put a curtain on my director's window, and re-arrange the work desks so that there is some space for the camera and etc.

I woke up late again though my friend rings me a morning call. I could barely open my eyes. I feel so tired and exhausted. I fell asleep again then around 8.10am, one of my colleagues called, he is on his way to the office and he needs the access pass to the 2nd floor of my office. I freshen up, took a quick shower and drove to office. It’s a lovely morning by the way. I’m going to stop now. I will update more. Later!

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