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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm gonna pass out

I went back home from office quite late, around 6.30pm. I was waiting patiently for these unknown people to finish setting-in plywood partition in my office for tomorrow's shootings. They took forever. OMG, how slow can they be? I think they took more than 3 fucking hours just to build in that freaking plywood partition. Aiyaaa.

I drove home and took a quick shower (again), then I went back to office, the foreign workers and my officemate are waiting for me there coz I need their help to unscrew the durable-open-partition-work-desks. Well they are very fast and professional. They took less than hour. I likes. They will get paid as promised by Mr. Nathan. (The PR)

Overall, it was a tiring day. I need vacation. My job is killing me. I'm relaxing in my room now by the way while reading random people's blog (I got nothing better to do) and chatting with few friends. ttyl.

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