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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Zong Tv commercial shootings

Scene 3
Scene 2
Scene 1
Scene 1
Director's room

I stayed back after office hour as the shooting for Zong Tv commercial schedule today. It was a very very tiring day. I was in office for 14 hours straight, from 9am till 11pm. I'm glad it's over now. I could not have waited any longer. Well it is kinda worth-waiting, I got paid for doing overtime by TV production. Even got some pocket money from my bos. Yeay. The movie director was from India, and the actors was officially imported from Pakistan, and some of them are locals. They did three scenes, one in white areas (as shown in the pic), one in my boss's room and another one is in open-partition-work-desk. Here are the pictures and videos (sorry the video are upside down) that i took just now. Have fun looking/watching. I'm off to bed, i need energy to struggle for tomorrow's routines. Good night everybody!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm gonna pass out

I went back home from office quite late, around 6.30pm. I was waiting patiently for these unknown people to finish setting-in plywood partition in my office for tomorrow's shootings. They took forever. OMG, how slow can they be? I think they took more than 3 fucking hours just to build in that freaking plywood partition. Aiyaaa.

I drove home and took a quick shower (again), then I went back to office, the foreign workers and my officemate are waiting for me there coz I need their help to unscrew the durable-open-partition-work-desks. Well they are very fast and professional. They took less than hour. I likes. They will get paid as promised by Mr. Nathan. (The PR)

Overall, it was a tiring day. I need vacation. My job is killing me. I'm relaxing in my room now by the way while reading random people's blog (I got nothing better to do) and chatting with few friends. ttyl.

Middle East friends

~Left: Affiz, Melisa, Mazen, Masilla, Anna, Tariq, Kemo, Mouawia~

~ Oh how i love to do the "moncong-ikan" pose~

Zong TV Production

Yesterday, 24 March 09.
The 'Zong' Tv Production came over to my office and did some technical set-up. Of course there are some modifications to be made, like building another plywood partition, put a curtain on my director's window, and re-arrange the work desks so that there is some space for the camera and etc.

I woke up late again though my friend rings me a morning call. I could barely open my eyes. I feel so tired and exhausted. I fell asleep again then around 8.10am, one of my colleagues called, he is on his way to the office and he needs the access pass to the 2nd floor of my office. I freshen up, took a quick shower and drove to office. It’s a lovely morning by the way. I’m going to stop now. I will update more. Later!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thought from a friend

One of my friend thought that I should write a blog again. I have considered about it and I think I am going to start posting and re-do my page again. I think this is a wise idea as it will give me something to do in my sleepless nights. I’ve been dormant for quite a while. It is 2009 now and already the third month of this year. Time has passed, yet seems so fast. Once we had this situation for another nine times, we are in the New Year again, which means we are getting older again. I will try to write long on my next post. Till then…