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Monday, January 23, 2006

Question about myself

1- who was the last person u were on da phone with?

2- who was the last person u receive sms from?

3 - what brand of hp are u using?
>Sony ericsson

4 - what telephone line do u use?

5 - what is the colour of your handphone?

6 - who is your BEST babe last year?

7 - who is your BEST guy friend last year?
>I dunno. Forgot man! i have so many guy friends

8 - name 5 new frens u made last year?
>Najwan, Kak ieja,Ashraf,Aldrin

9 - do u use a flat screen computer?
>Yea, kinda, it's a laptop

10 - who is on your mind right now?
>Nobody, food?

11 - what's the funniest thing about today?
>Nothing i guess

12 - who's ur idol?
>God knows who!

13 - what do people need to know about u?
>Im very complicated and grumpy

14 - would u die with your true love? [except families]
>It depends actually

15 - how many times have u coupled?
>Quite a lot

16 - with whom is your longest relationship?
>Parents, siblings

17 - would u prefer all day on the beach or all day in the hotel room during your honeymoon?

18 - love or money?

19 - do u still hang out with your ex(s)?

20 - name your babes?
>Norul, Marce

21 - wut channel do u love?
>Star world, star movies

22 - do u hate any teachers?
> Nope

23 - do u hate any guys in your skewl?
>Yea, his name is Gerrald

24 - do u hate any girls in your skewl?

25 - miss any of your frens?
>Norul, Najwan, Marce

26 - what movie do u hate the most?
>I like movies man.. what are u talking about?

27 - malay or chinese?
>I aint a rasict man

28 - what would u do if u've been rejected?
>Never been rejected before

30 - what outfit do u love the most?
>Comfortable ones

31 - what are you supposed to be doing now?
>Calling someone and tell him go F*** off!


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